June 25, 2018

Corporate Dolphin Swim Academy

Learn to Swim!

Geologists say that the earth is 70% water. This means that knowing how to swim isn’t just a luxury, it’s a life skill.

Many Nigerians don’t know how to swim and this maybe a survival factor during emergencies like floods. In those cases you’re at risk of dying if you don’t know how to swim

CDSA has certified swim instructors, equipment and access to swimming pools that allows us to create a safe environment for our students to learn how to swim.

Aqua Therapy

We harness the healing properties of water for disorders like stroke, dyslexia, arthritis, obesity, substance & habit addictions, depression etc.
Also for weight loss, physical rehabilitation, anger management etc.

Private Classes (Home, Executive, VIP)

We perform home visits, one on one coaching on an Executive or VIP tier basis.

Instructor Training

If you plan to train other individuals to swim, this is for you.
We’ll improve your technique, give you all the tips regarding instructing people on how best to enjoy water in a safe manner.

About Corporate Dolphin Swim Academy

Corporate Dolphin Swim Academy is an indigenous firm promoting health and wellness through an active lifestyle in and around water. We instruct and coach individuals on swimming and water exercises and also provide aqua therapy.

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