Emotional Intelligence

It’s about being smarter with feelings.

More aware. More intentional. More purposeful.

Name Your Feelings

There are over 3000 words for feelings in English. How many are you feeling now? Probably several!

Tune into what’s happening inside. Draw a picture. Use words. Find metaphors.

Identify Options

Often it seems as if, “I have no choice.” What if you have a TON of options, but you haven’t thought of them yet? Each day is a chance to try out a new way of responding.

See The WHY

Your choices matter. You choose your thoughts, your feelings, your actions… and that changes the world around you. What’s the effect you want to have? If you have a clear picture of where you want to go, you’ll make much more effective decisions.

Do you want to put EQ into action?

A beginners guide developed by Six Seconds org. to applying the EQ principles in your life.


Thoughts, Feelings, Actions

One of the most powerful ways to put emotional intelligence into action is to learn the difference between thoughts, feelings, and actions — and how these three interact and affect us. They’re all important, but they are different.

Read the Get Started with EQ page for more about what it is, and how you can “practice” emotional intelligence.


What is your EQ Goal?

Six Seconds provides tons of free information and inspiration translating the latest research on emotional intelligence and neuroscience to make it useable in daily life.

We publish world class assessments for adults and children and for organisations and schools. Then we teach “practitioners” how to use these tools and our transformational methodology.

In our network, certified practitioners and our preferred partners work with individuals, businesses, schools, families, and most everyone to bring the benefits of emotional intelligence into daily life.

Click one of the tabs above for links to learn more – or read more about Six Seconds here.

Minds and Emotions Centre has a ton(!) of articles and resources, we hope you’ll explore.  To start…


Read the articles & blogs

Listen to the weekly podcast

Take the Brain Brief Profile for insight in your brain and the way you’re currently processing emotional & rational data (and it’s under $10!)

To dive into emotional intelligence, we encourage you to attend an event or course – we have free “EQ Cafe” events happening every quarter in over 50 cities around the world.

How do I bring EQ into my company?

breakthrough leadership with emotional intelligenceThere are a lot of people talking about emotional intelligence — but how do you actually create value with this idea?

  • Introduction to EQ in Business
  • Case studies of EQ in organizational performance
  • Six Seconds’ methodology for business
  • If you’d like to learn more about your own EQ as a leader, take the SEI-LR and get a 1-1 debrief

To go further, integrate Six Seconds’ tools & methods into your organization.

  • Organizational & team climate + leadership assessment:  Vital Signs
  • Individual EQ assessment suite: SEI
  • Six Seconds’ Methodology:  The EQ Certification

If you are looking for expert support, please contact us, and we’ll recommend a world-class consultant, facilitator or coach.

Minds and Emotions Centre through it’s partnership with Six Seconds offers a complete range of certification training to support independent and internal consultants, trainers, coaches, and L&D/OD professionals become more effective as change leaders.  We offer a full range of in-depth train-the-trainer certification programs to become an EQ practitioner, educator, or and/or coach.

Six Seconds blends rigorous science with practical application — providing you with a truly robust toolset.  If you want to understand how Six Seconds is different from all the rest, just browse the site… see some recent research or listen to the podcasts. We’re all about putting EQ into action — everywhere, all the time.

Please feel free to contact us for help choosing a starting point.  

Here are some options:

SEI-profile-sampleI’m a coach, trainer, or educator

a powerful emotional intelligence test would help me work more effectively with clients:

The EQ Assessor Certification teaches you to use a robust system of emotional intelligence profiles and tests as a tool for creating positive change.

Sample graph from Team Vital SignsI’m an organizational consultant —

looking to create value by focusing on the people-side of performance:

See the upcoming event schedule for the VS blended program, 2-days in person plus virtual followup.

NexusEQ-Map-400I want to be an EQ Practitioner —

seeking a whole toolkit to use to practice emotional intelligence — for myself and my clients/students/team members:

The EQ Certification is our flagship program, participants say it’s life-changing, and provides an extensive and practical toolkit.  Check the upcoming event calendar – this program runs several times a year, all over the world.

Visit the Certification section of the site to explore these options.

One of the most powerful ways to teach children the skills of emotional intelligence is to practice them as a parent. It’s a challenge – but a joyful one. When you practice EQ, you get insight into what’s driving you and your kid(s), and become much more able to respond thoughtfully (versus react thoughtlessly).

Make and order for the book Whole Hearted Parenting here.

For an orientation to EQ for parents, check out this section — and the EQ parenting article library.

We also offer a free eLearning course for parents.

Minds and Emotions Centre will show you why and how to integrate EQ into education.  Get started on this topic with an intro to EQ education.

The site has an extensive collection of articles on EQ in Education – to start…

  • For an overview, here’s an interview with our in-house expert on EQ in education

peacefulSelf-Science is the approach to SEL that started Six Seconds, one of the two methods Daniel Goleman recommended as models in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence.  The “Self-Science – Getting Started with SEL” kit is available from the EQ Store.

To get trained in Six Seconds’ methods, you can either:

Join an EQ certification training — we have a special EQ Tools for Educators course — or many educators join the EQ Certification for an immersion into EQ.

Contact us — and we’ll be glad to help you and, if you’d like, recommend a consultant

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