Emotional Intelligence and Education (Radio Show)

Minds and Emotions Clinic welcomed the veteran teacher and school administrator Sylvester Onoja, the former Principal of Kings College Lagos, Commissioner of Education in Kogi State.

The main themes of the talk were getting the best out of children, the current state of the education system and the role of stakeholders (parents, teachers/schools and government) to improve the education of the Nigerian children.

Show Highlights

Concerning the child:

“The centre of education is the child. That’s why I call it child-centred education.”

“The government, teachers (school institution) and the parents are a tripod that exists to support the child. Education is for the child, not the child for education.”


Concerning teachers:

“People that don’t know are teaching people that ought to know.”

“Great teachers are invested in the students. It’s a calling, it’s more than a pay-check.”


Concerning the institutions:

“The Nigerian Education system isn’t teaching character anymore. The students who graduate from the universities are no longer taught character.”

“What is happening with the private universities is what happened with banks and airlines in the 1970s. People are in it to make money, character isn’t taught.”

“A woman selling tomatoes isn’t doing well. She decides to open a school. Schools are popping up everywhere.”


Closing words:

“ For Nigeria to improve, she must have three priorities

i. We have to get our education right

ii. We have to get our education right

iii. We have to get our education right”

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” – Alber Einstein

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