Swimming underwater

Navigating emotions – The Emotional River

In water, if you stay still and do nothing. You drown. Inside water is the only place where you have to be intentional. Emotions are sometimes like water, where they can envelop and support or overwhelm and drown you. Also, like in water, learning how to swim, breath, and move through the myriad of emotions Read more about Navigating emotions – The Emotional River[…]

Recognize Behavioural Patterns with Emotional Intelligence

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein Emotional Intelligence is being smarter with feelings. It involves understanding your emotional responses and making more functional decisions. A primary competence in developing EI is being able to recognise patterns in your responses and behaviour. These responses are your Read more about Recognize Behavioural Patterns with Emotional Intelligence[…]
mindsandemotions-EI and toilets

Emotional Intelligence and Toilets

Why where we defecate is a matter of life and death. It’s 1pm in the afternoon, location, the popular Millennium Park in the heart of Abuja, after several draughts of water there’s need to use the convenience — to prevent stories that touch– you know. After walking round half panicking and enduring more than a Read more about Emotional Intelligence and Toilets[…]
Giving yourself through empathy

Giving Yourself through Empathy

  “It is seeing with their eyes, hearing with their ears and feeling with their heart.”   We as humans live within our spheres of reality, limited to our experiences, temperaments, upbringing. Clashes occur when our “spheres” come in contact with that of others’ and they don’t agree. Making efforts to experience other peoples reality Read more about Giving Yourself through Empathy[…]