September 5, 2017

Anger Management Professional Certification

Anger Management Professional Certification

Trainer: Isaac Onoja

Tuition:  ₦200,000 

Save ₦50,000


“Anybody can become angry-that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way-that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”

This course trains individuals on the intricacies of anger. The HOW, WHY, WHEN and WHAT of anger. It teaches how to discover sources of frustration and irritation and how to express anger that will be beneficial and healthy. With activities, discussions and learning from the Century Anger Management certified Professional Trainer Isaac Onoja.

Course Description

Anger is an emotion, albeit a powerful one. Like other emotions, it’s neither “good” nor “bad”, it’s bad reputation is mostly due to the destruction in relationships, property and governments that result from the misplacement and mismanagement of anger.

In this course, you will be provided with a research-based roadmap for coming to terms with anger in ourselves and others. As Aristotle famously said, it’s not in getting angry, but being angry at the RIGHT PERSON, to the RIGHT DEGREE, at the RIGHT TIME, for the RIGHT PURPOSE, and in the RIGHT WAY.

This course will teach the Century Anger Management’s Eight Tools of Anger Management:

Review of Tool 1 — Dealing with Stress.How stress underlies anger. Physical, medical, mental and behavioural effects of stress. 4-Step model to deal with stress. Exercises. Resources.

Review of Tool 2 — Developing Empathy. Definition and examples of empathy. Why empathy and “emotional intelligence” are important in anger management. How to teach participants ways to increase or improve empathic responses to others.

Review of Tool 3 — Respond instead of React. How to present concept of difference between “reacting” and “responding” to anger/stress triggers. Concept that anger expression is a decision. Concept of finding other behaviours/ways to communicate needs, feelings or requests that are more effective than anger.

Review of Tool 4 — Change Self-Talk. Concept of how self-talk (cognitions) influence emotions. A-B-C-D-E model of anger control. Examples of new cognitions to teach participants. How to think like an optimist.

Review of Tool 5 — Assertive Communication – Harmful communication styles. How to be an assertive communicator. Strategies to handle and resolve interpersonal conflict.

Review of Tool 6 — Adjust Those Expectations. Expectations and anger Five steps to adjust expectations in relationships and in the workplace. Philosophy of finding alternative ways for need satisfaction. Strategies to teach this concept.

Review of Tool 7 — Forgive, but don’t forget. 3 steps in forming a grievance. Issue of “should you forgive?” Why forgiving is good for your health and peace of mind. Seven steps to forgiveness.

Review of Tool 8 — Retreat and Think Things Over. Learning to “stay in the box.” (of anger control). Warning signs to heed. Rules to make this tool effective. The freeze-frame technique for self-soothing. Changing self-talk during the “retreat” period.

Participants who will benefit from this training

The certification training is open to those with a background in mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, education, corrections, law enforcement, pastoral counselling, human resources, and those that need or desire to work with angry and hostile clients. Students in these fields may also be accepted.

As a result of this training, you will receive:

Upon completion of this training, attendees are awarded a Certificate of Completion. Included in the registration prices are:

1.    32 Hours Training
2.    Professional Certification
3.    Minds & Emotions Anger Management Course Manual
4.    Breakfast and Lunch for 3 days

Tuition:  ₦200,000 

Save ₦50,000


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Trainer Bio

Isaac Onoja is a Pharmacist,  anger and stress management professional, Practitioner, Assessor and Advanced Trainer of emotional intelligence, reflexologist and Neuro-linguistic Programmer.