Minds and Emotions (M&E) is a unique brand targeted at using the best strategies in emotional intelligence, anger management and Stress relief therapy to bring complete wellness to our clients physically, mentally and emotionally.
At Minds and Emotions we utilize action methods in achieving our goals; we ensure results are gotten with the most effective methods applicable in Emotional Intelligence.
We also teach practical skills in becoming the best you can be using effective approaches available in Emotional Intelligence and also teach you to be more aware of your emotions, teaching you how to tune in and understand how the mind works, which aids in responding to situations rather than reacting.

Our Value Statements




What if 20 million people are practising Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria?

We would connect with ourselves and each other. We would have the skills to make more careful choices by learning to respond, instead of react. We would thrive.

With Project 6, we want 20 Million Nigerians to be practising EQ and thus help to manage anger, stress and attain optimum performance.

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Partnership with Six Seconds Organisation

We achieve this by partnering with the Six Seconds Organisation. Who are pioneering groundbreaking methods and methods into the human emotions and its use in living healthier lives.

Here’s a bit about them:

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