Minds and Emotions Centre

The Premiere EQ Practitioners in Nigeria.

EQ for Individuals

Equip Individuals with the knowledge of emotional intelligence, so as to produce competent personalities who would effectively perform optimally with their emotions.

EQ for Business

Enlighten Managers and Executives of organisations on Emotional, Anger and Stress management to increase work place performance and growth.

EQ for Education

Educate Teachers, Students and Parents in Nigeria on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to enhance learning and performance in schools.

EQ for Families

Empower the family unit to be stronger, nurturing and rewarding.

How We Teach EQ Practice

Minds and Emotions (M&E) is an exclusive brand targeted at using the best strategies and practises in emotional intelligence, anger management and Stress relief therapy to bring complete wellness to our clients physically, mentally and emotionally.

We also teach you to be more aware of your emotions, teaching you how to tune in and understand how the mind works, which aids in responding to situations rather than reacting.

Our approach is to bring a more holistic way to meet the need in Nigeria today by going to the root of the problem.

  • Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of your emotions and the emotions of others and to use that knowledge to help manage the expression of emotions such that they foster success instead of cause roadblocks.

  • We help you and your organisation have skills in becoming better with Anger and managing it.

  • Stress Management is structured to make the busiest individual maximize energy while minimizing stress.

The Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Course


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